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Training Early Career Researchers

Action Plan for Diamond Open Access: Developing resources for an inclusive worldwide community

Open Access is key for the future of research. Among its benefits, it has been proved that it boosts the visibility of publications, it increases the speed of scientific inquiry,…
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European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) launches the website of the Global Outreach Program: forging synergies with innovation leaders

Knowledge transfer and collaborative and interactive frameworks are crucial for tackling some of the greatest societal challenges. In our last posts, we already mentioned some examples of international cooperation among…
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Cooperation among organisations and institutions in doctoral education

In previous posts, we already mentioned the importance of a transformative transition in doctoral education as well as the new skills that should be implemented in doctoral programmes (open science,…
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Artificial Intelligence for Doctoral Candidates

The whole world is changing in different ways, including technology, climate change, or demography. What is more, it is changing exponentially and at an accelerating speed. In research, an illustrative…
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Time to reform the research assesment system

Time to reform the research assessment system

During the Paris Open Science European Conference (4th and 5th February 2022), Mariya Gabriel (the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth) delivered an accurate speech about the…
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Second Train the Trainer Workshop is here!

Second train-the-trainer workshop on Open Innovation & Entrepreneurship is officially starting!

Here we go again. Today, Feb 2, 2022, the second DIOSI train-the-trainer workshop starts! Once again, our main objective is to train trainers in delivering the training programme to the…
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Front page of the What comes after a PhD report

What comes after a PhD?

Findings from the DocEnhance survey of doctorate holders on their employment situation, skills match, and the value of the doctorateAre doctorates satisfied with their doctorate programme? How easily do doctorate…
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First Train the Trainer Workshop is running!

Today the first DIOSI train-the-trainer workshop on Open Science and Open Access Publishing started! 10 European Universities (of the YUFE-network) send trainers to the workshop. They jointly solved the Open…
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Train the Trainer workshop

” Train-The-Trainer Workshop on “Open Science and Open Access Publishing Open Science have become more and more important on an international level. Open science policies now have support from the European…
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Open Science at Europe’s universities 2020-2021

The report presents the outcomes of the 2020-2021 European University Association (EUA) Open Science Survey and provides evidence-based recommendations for institutions, researchers, research funders, and policymakers on the transition towards…
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