Train the Trainer workshop

Train the Trainer workshop

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Train-The-Trainer Workshop on “Open Science and Open Access Publishing

Open Science have become more and more important on an international level. Open science policies now have support from the European Union which has made open publication a condition for its support for scientific research. In this context, Open Access Publishing is one pillar of the EU Open Science Policy.
We are happy to announce, that the first DIOSI Train-The-Trainer Workshop on Open Science and Open Access Publishing takes place on 2 – 4 November 2021!

In the workshop a professional Open Science expert will address important questions like “How is the term Open Science defined?” or “What are the different forms of Open Access publishing?” and discuss further relevant topics.

Participants from all DIOSI partner universities have the opportunity to attend the workshop and develop training concepts to offer Open Science workshops at their home institutions. This is the starting point of an internationally connected network of trainers.